Live Auctions


Check out Today’s Auctions to see what’s for sale. You can sort these auctions by sale time, location, region and even see how many vehicles are in the auction before you join. Please note that you must be Registered as a PREMIER member to be able to reserve your place on the live auction table.

About Auction Calendar - Find upcoming car auctions using the PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC Auction Calendar. You can view the calendar in two different ways, including a calendar view or a list view. The list view is recommended if you prefer to sort the auctions by date, time, location or region. The calendar view is great if you just want to quickly scan all the auctions happening on a particular day. The Auction Calendar is a great way to plan ahead and ensure you are prepared to bid and win that vehicle you’ve had your eye on! Register as a Premier Member, save your next auctions and receive notifications about next events.