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Transacting a car or boat involves exchanging large sums of money between potentially unknown parties. Fortunately, PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC simple 5-Step process ensures money transfer and Vehicle delivery with every sale. PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC will ensure every party receives what was agreed on, every time. PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC reduces the risk of fraud by acting as an Neutral party that collects and delivers the Vehicle, and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied. As the Buyer, you get the confidence that the item is what you paid for. As the Seller you are sure that you are getting paid.

PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC has 2 options when it comes to getting your vehicle:

OPTION 01 - PERSONAL PICK UP Enjoy 3 days of complimentary storage while you arrange pick-up. All heavy and medium-duty lots are self-load only. After the complimentary storage period is over the Buyer will be charged with an additional fee up to $38.00 / day if storage is available at that point .

OPTION 02 - 500 MILES FREE SHIPPING ($1.5/mile for extra mile)

Once all necessary checks have been completed and the payment is Secured & Received, we will deliver your vehicle directly to your doorstep. PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC offers Domestic and International delivery for a multitude of Vehicles. Check if a lot has delivery available on the Unpaid Invoices following the live sale.

VEHICLE INSPECTION: Local pick up or inspections are accepted only before a Buy It Now offer is approved and at Live Auctions before the live auction is started. Inspecting a Vehicle that you found online is possible ONLY with prior appointment and before accepting to complete the transaction online. After an online transaction is initiated the Vehicle is removed locked in online inventory and all other bids and offers from other potential buyers are rejected. At this point the PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC BUYER who submitted the Bid/Buy It Now offer is the sole Buyer of the Vehicle and has the obligation to complete the transaction as agreed upon by following the 5-Step process described on this page. After the offer is received PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC automatically starts preparing the Vehicle for delivery (the Company system is automatically programmed to schedule transactions and deliveries). As a result, our system automatically generates and prepares the paperwork, and the Vehicle will be loaded on a trailer/container, along with other Vehicles that have been scheduled by the system for delivery. In consequence, the Vehicle becomes unavailable for inspection or pick up.



At any time, the Buyer can use the TN (Transaction Number) to check for updates and if there is an action required to be done. Having access to this step-by-step timeline means you’ll never get stuck wondering what to do next or where you are in the transaction.


As a first security measurement, all our customers should know that we are offering our services only for vehicles listed on our platform ONLY. However, if a transaction seems suspicious in any way, please contact us before sending any payment.

Note: We will never ask the buyer to send the payment directly to the seller.
Any e-mail asking you to do so is a scam and should be reported. The receiver of the payment should be PCD, PCD Subsidiary company or PCD agent assigned to your transaction.

More security measures

Check Your browser, we are HTTPS Secured! Our web site address should look like this: https:// followed by the rest of the link. Any web site different than ours and using our name is a SCAM. Please make sure You are on the right track.

We are a verified Company with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Wildcard Certificate (it can be noticed into the browser that our web site starts with a secure "https:// "). The Company Corporation Group is registered with the Department of State Division of Corporation under the name of P.C.D TRANSPORTATION LLC , Document Number: 3934192 and PCD GROUP, INC. Document Number: 2251213

PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC in association with Internet Escrow Services, Inc. is licensed in the US (Licensed under the name Internet Escrow Services, Inc.) holding a combination of escrow and money services business licenses. The jurisdictions we are licensed in can be found below.

State License Type Regulator License Number
Alabama Money Transmitter Alabama Securities Commission 0564
Alaska Money Transmitter State of Alaska, Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development 0010125
Arizona Escrow Arizona Department of Financial Institutions 0EA 0908016
Arkansas Money Transmitter Arkansas Securities Department 0113273
California Escrow California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation 09631867
Colorado Money Transmitter Colorado Division of Banking 0500239
Connecticut Money Transmitter Connecticut Department of Banking 0MT-1370002
Delaware Money Transmitter State of Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner 025180
District of Columbia Money Transmitter District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking 0MTR1370002
Florida Money Transmitter Florida Office of Financial Regulation 0FT230000225
Georgia Seller of Payment Instruments Georgia Department of Banking and Finance 056015
Hawaii The state of Hawaii does not require a license.
Idaho Escrow Idaho Department of Finance 0ESC 1050
Illinois Money Transmitter Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 0MT.0000289
Indiana The state of Indiana does not require a license.
Iowa Money Transmitter Iowa Division of Banking 02017-0014
Kansas Money Transmitter Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner 0MT.0000076
Kentucky Money Transmitter Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions 0SC401842
Louisiana Money Transmitter Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions 01370002-1507910
Maine Money Transmitter Maine Department of Professional & Financial Regulation 0NMT1433046
Maryland Money Transmitter Office of the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation 01370002 (Our Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) Unique Identifier is 01370002.
Massachusetts The state of Massachusetts does not require a license.
Michigan Money Transmitter Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services 0MT0020992
Minnesota Money Transmitter Minnesota Department of Commerce 0MN-MT-1370002
Mississippi Money Transmitter Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance 03502
Missouri Sale of Checks and Money Transmitter Missouri Division of Finance 0MO-22-8071
Montana Escrow Montana Division of Banking and Financial Institutions 01370002
Nebraska Money Transmitter Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance 01370002
New Hampshire Money Transmitter State of New Hampshire Banking Department 021980-MT
New Jersey Money Transmitter New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance 0L070667
New Mexico Escrow New Mexico Financial Institutions Division 000139
New York Licensed as a Money Transmitter by the Banking Department of the State of New York New York State Department of Financial Services 0MT 104879
North Carolina Money Transmitter North Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Banks 0159691
North Dakota Money Transmitter North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions 0MT103183
Ohio Money Transmitter Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Financial Institutions 0OHMT125
Oklahoma Money Transmitter Oklahoma Banking Department 0OKDOB001
Oregon Escrow Oregon Real Estate Agency 0201220510
Rhode Island Currency Transmitter State of Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation - Division of Banking 020203934CT
South Carolina Money Transmitter Office of the Attorney General - Money Services Division 01370002
South Dakota Money Transmitter South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation - Division of Banking 0MT.2134
Tennessee The state of Tennessee does not require a license.
Texas Money Transmitter Texas Department of Banking 03087
Utah Escrow Utah Department of Financial Institutions 01370002
Vermont Money Transmitter Vermont Department of Financial Regulation - Banking Division 0100-113
Virginia Money Transmitter Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions 0MO-348
Washington Escrow Washington Department of Financial Institutions 0540-EA-91143
West Virginia Money Transmitter West Virginia Division of Banking 0WVMT-1370002
Wisconsin The state of Wisconsin does not require a license.
Wyoming Money Transmitter Wyoming Division of Banking 07240


Making a Complaint Regarding PCD Services

All complaints are taken seriously and will be dealt with urgently. To file a complaint please contact us directly using to: