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As a PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC Member, you'll be able to search our inventory for new, used and repo vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, atv, boats...).

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❌Live/Proxy Bidding at weekly live auctions
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✓ Bid and Buy online
✓ 10 Days Guarantee
✓ 500 Miles Free Shipping
✓ Live/Proxy Bidding at weekly live auctions
✓ Free Pre-Purchase Inspection

Why Us

All vehicles approved to be sold on our Online and Live auctions have clean history and are in optimal working condition.

Delivery and Transportation

PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC has 2 options when it comes to getting your vehicle. Benefit from our 500 miles Free Shipping policy.

10 Days Guarantee

With our 10 Days Guarantee program you can request a refund if the vehicle you purchased is not as described. No questions asked!

Secure Payment Methods

When it comes to payment we accept credit cards payments * and wire transfer payments (PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC preferred method).

2 Ways to Buy from Us

1. Online Bidding & Buying

Followed by our 10 Days Guarantee Program

The first step to bidding and buying is to register to be a PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC Member. Registration is completely free and only takes a few seconds. You can bid and submit your offer or buy a vehicle directly. Once your offer is accepted by the Seller you will be notified about what to do next.

2. Live Bidding & Buying

Enjoy the "In Person" live bidding experience

Place your bid in person

Register to join one of our live auctions and experience "In Person" live biding. Yes our 500 Miles free shipping option also applies to our live bidders.

Want to Submit your max offer for multiple Vehicles?

With PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC Bidders have the option to set a maximum price that they would be willing to pay for one or more Vehicles.

Payment & Refund

PREMIER CHOICE DEPOT LLC makes it easy for you to pay for your vehicles in-person or online with ease. For purchases under $10,000.00 you can pay online with your credit card. For purchases above $10,000.00 our preferred method is bank wire transfer.

Need a refund? You will receive your money back. No Questions Asked!

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Delivery and Transportation

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